Unleash Your‍ Creativity ⁢with These 5 Eclectic Home Decor Ideas

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Unleash Your Creativity with‌ These ⁤5 Eclectic Home Decor Ideas

Welcome to Designrumah.co.id, your go-to source ​for unique ⁢and ⁣innovative home decoration ideas. With years ‌of experience in the world of interior design, we offer‍ you the best tips and tricks to enhance your⁣ home’s beauty and turn it into your dream space. In this article, we’ll delve‌ into 5 eclectic home decor ​ideas that will unleash your creativity and transform ‌your house into a home. Let’s get started!

Cork Walls

Enhance your walls’ texture and add warmth to your home with cork walls. Cork is ‌a sustainable material that absorbs‌ noise and offers insulation, making it​ ideal for‍ any room in your home. You can create your cork⁢ wall design by using tiles or‌ rolls of cork, or even ⁤cork ‍wallpaper. Cork‍ walls add a natural touch to your home‌ and complement different styles, from minimalist to bohemian.

Cork Wall Decoration

Tips Budget Pros Cons Size Colour
– Apply a sealant to protect the cork from ⁤moisture and stains.
– Mix‌ and match⁢ different ‌cork materials for a dynamic look.
– Use adhesive or ‍screws to ‍install cork tiles or rolls.
– Consider using cork for an ⁢accent wall.
$50-500+ -‍ Provides insulation.
– Sustainable material.
– Absorbs noise.
– Natural texture.
– Can be ⁢easily damaged.
– Requires maintenance.
– May darken over time.
-​ Limited colour options.
Variable Natural ⁣brownish colour


1. Can‌ cork be ⁢installed‍ in humid ⁤areas?

Yes, but you should apply a sealant to protect the cork from ‍moisture.

2. Is cork a⁣ sustainable material?

Yes, ​cork is a renewable resource that is harvested from⁤ trees without harming⁤ them.

3. ​Can cork walls be⁢ painted?

Yes, you can paint or stain cork walls,‍ but​ it may affect their texture.

Vintage Frames⁤ Wall

Add a touch of nostalgia to your ⁢home ⁤with a vintage frames wall. Collect frames in different ⁤sizes and colours from thrift shops⁣ or ​antique‍ stores, and arrange them on a‍ feature‍ wall. You ⁢can leave the frames empty or ⁣fill them with⁣ family photos, artwork, ​or even mirrors. A vintage frames wall adds personality to your home and showcases your⁢ unique​ style.

Vintage Frames Wall

Tips Budget Pros Cons Size Colour
– Choose frames in different sizes and colours.
-‍ Use a level‍ tool ‍to⁤ ensure that the frames are​ aligned.
– Add a ​personal touch⁤ with family photos, artwork, or mirrors.
– Consider painting the frames to match your wall ⁤colour.
$100-500+ – Adds personality to your home.
– Can showcase your ‌unique style.
– Easy ‍to update or⁣ change.
– Affordable.
– May require drilling or nails.
– Some⁣ frames may be fragile or damaged.
– Requires pre-planning.
– May not suit minimalist or​ modern styles.
Variable Various colours


1. Can I use different ​frame styles on a vintage frames wall?

Yes, you can mix and match different ‍frame styles to create a ⁢dynamic look.

2. Can⁤ I hang a vintage frames wall on textured walls?

Yes, but you may need to ‍use heavier duty anchors or screws to ensure that the frames are secure.

3. Can I add other⁣ decorations to a vintage frames wall?

Yes, you can add other decorations, ‌such ⁤as plants, lights, or⁤ shelves, to enhance the vintage frames wall’s ambiance.

Colourful Rugs

Add a pop of colour ‌and texture‌ to your home with⁢ a ‌colourful rug.⁣ Choose a rug that complements your ⁤furniture and decor and adds a focal point ⁢to your room. You can experiment with‍ different materials, such as wool, ‍cotton, or ⁤synthetic fabrics, and ‌patterns, such ⁣as geometric or abstract designs. A colourful rug can tie your room together and add warmth and⁣ comfort to your home.

Colourful ​Rugs

Tips Budget Pros Cons Size Colour
– ‌Choose a rug that ‍complements your furniture ⁤and decor.
– Experiment ⁣with different patterns, materials, and sizes.
– Use a rug ⁣pad to prevent slipping and ⁣prolong the‍ rug’s lifespan.
– Clean the⁢ rug regularly and treat stains promptly.
$50-500+ – Offers warmth and comfort.
– Adds‌ texture and colour.
– Can hide stains or flaws.
– Easy to‌ update.
– May​ collect dust or dirt.
– May require professional cleaning.
-‌ May fade over⁤ time.
– May not⁤ be suitable for high-traffic areas.
Variable Various colours


1.⁢ Can‍ I put ​a rug on top of‌ carpet?

Yes, but you should choose a thin⁣ rug ⁤and use a rug pad to prevent slipping.

2. Can I use ‍a colourful rug in a⁤ neutral ‌room?

Yes, a colourful rug can add⁤ contrast and interest to a neutral room.

3. Can I use a ‍wool rug in a high-traffic area?

Yes,⁣ wool is a durable material that​ can withstand heavy use and ⁢foot traffic.

Mosaic Tiles ‌Backsplash

Add ‍a touch of artistry to your kitchen or bathroom with a mosaic tiles backsplash. Mosaic tiles ⁣have small pieces of glass, ⁣stone, or ceramic arranged in‌ a⁤ pattern or image, creating a stunning visual effect. ⁤You can choose colours and patterns that suit your style and ⁤add a focal point to‍ your space. A mosaic tiles backsplash​ adds texture and personality ⁣to your⁤ home and complements different design styles.

Mosaic Tiles Backsplash

Tips Budget Pros Cons Size Colour
– Choose a mosaic tiles design that complements ‍your counters and cabinets.
– Use ​a tile ‌cutter to fit the tiles to the desired size.
– ​Mix and match different tile colours and patterns for an eclectic look.
– Seal⁣ the tiles regularly to protect them from moisture and stains.
$100-1000+ – Adds⁤ artistry and texture.
– ⁣Can be a ⁢focal point.
-⁣ Complements⁢ different design styles.
– ‌Easy to clean.
– May be⁤ challenging to install without experience.
-⁣ May require grouting.
– May be expensive⁤ or time-consuming.
-‌ May not suit minimalist or modern styles.
Variable Various colours


1. Can⁣ I create my mosaic ⁤tiles design?

Yes, but it may require experience or ⁤assistance from a ​professional.

2. Can I use⁣ ceramic ​tiles⁤ for ‍a mosaic tiles backsplash?

Yes,⁤ ceramic ‌tiles are a popular choice for mosaic tiles backsplashes due to their durability and affordability.

3. Can⁤ I use mosaic tiles for a floor?

Yes, ⁢mosaic tiles‌ are a popular⁢ choice for floors, ​as they⁣ can add ‍texture⁢ and interest to ​any space.

Plant Wall

Bring nature indoors and enhance your air quality with a plant wall.⁤ You can create ⁤a⁣ plant wall by using hanging planters, shelves, or even a ‍custom-made vertical‍ garden. Choose plants that suit your space and light conditions, ​and take care of them regularly to ensure their‍ health. A plant wall adds a fresh and lively touch to ⁢your home and creates ‍a relaxing ambiance.

Plant Wall Decoration

Tips Budget Pros Cons Size Colour
– Choose plants that⁢ suit‍ your ‌light conditions and skill level.
– Use hanging planters, shelves, or ‌a‌ vertical garden system⁢ to create a plant ‌wall.
– Water and fertilize ⁣the plants regularly ‌to ensure⁢ their health.
-⁣ Consider using artificial plants‌ if you don’t have enough⁣ natural light.
$50-500+ – Brings nature⁣ indoors.
– Enhances air quality.
– Relaxes and soothes.
– Complements different design⁤ styles.
– May require regular maintenance.
– May attract pests⁢ or insects.
– May ​not suit ⁤minimalist ⁣or modern styles.
– May ⁢require special lighting or irrigation systems.
Variable Green or colourful plants.


1. Can ‌I create a plant wall in a ​low-light room?

Yes, but you should choose plants‍ that can ​tolerate low-light conditions and ​consider using artificial ‌lighting.

2.​ Can I use⁢ a ⁤vertical⁣ garden system for a plant wall?

Yes, a vertical garden system can make it⁤ easy to​ maintain and update your ⁢plant ⁢wall.

3. Can I ‌put a plant wall in a bathroom?

Yes, but you should ‌choose plants that ⁢can tolerate humidity and low light,⁤ such⁤ as ferns or pothos.


Decorating your home ​can be‍ a fun ⁣and creative ‌process, and these 5‌ eclectic home ‍decor ideas are a great‍ starting point.‌ Whether you choose cork walls, a vintage frames wall,‌ colourful rugs, mosaic tiles‍ backsplash, or‌ a plant wall, always remember to ‌stay true to your personal style and preferences. With Designrumah.co.id, you ​can unleash your creativity⁢ and turn your⁢ house ‍into a home that reflects your unique personality.